America: A Violent Intolerant Nation

Yesterday Michael Dunn, a 47-year-old software developer, was found guilty of 3 counts of attempted second-degree murder and 1 count of firing a gun into an occupied car. Because the jury was unable to reach a verdict on the most serious charge, first-degree murder, the judge declared a mistrial on that charge. Attempted murder usually means, ‘tried but failed.’ Michael Dunn did not fail. The bullets he fired killed 17-year-old Jordan Davis. Jordan Davis died because Michael Dunn didn’t like his “thug music.” Michael Dunn’s violent intolerance is commonplace in America today. Dunn was convicted on Jordan’s 19th birthday.

30 years in prison will not defeat Michael Dunn’s arrogance.  He will still think that he should not have been subjected to thug music.  He did not like it. No. Not one little bit. According to the NRA Michael Dunn is a “good guy with a gun.”  In 30 years Dunn will be 77.  Jordan Davis will only ever be 18.

Dunn purchased it legally. He had a constitutional right to carry it. He needed it for his self-protection. America is, of course, a dangerous place to live. There are so many other Michael Dunns in America, armed and dangerous. Michael Dunn would have no way of knowing when another Michael Dunn might confront him. It’s the American dilemma. What do I do if I inadvertently encounter another armed man just like me?  There are so many violent intolerant men in American.

Sound mind only lasts until one of us starts shooting. The NRA defines a ‘good guy with a gun’ as the one who lives to tell about it. His story is always somewhat limited; either insanity or self defense. Better, of course, in Florida. There you get to “stand your ground.”   It’s self-defense with legislative support. Lots of gun-toting, right-wing folks in the Sunshine State.  You better have your wits about you there. Ask George Zimmerman.  Rocket scientists like Zimmerman may get to choose your fate. It’s the law.

If Michael Dunn confronted another Michael Dunn, each bearing their constitutionally-protected firearms, then the quickest to fire would be the “best” guy with a gun.  He’s the one that gets to tell the story. To the NRA this makes sense. To the American politicians that support the NRA, or are afraid to offend their Michael Dunn supporters, this is reasonable. To Tea Party Members, arming up, not down, is coherent political policy. This is democracy. Any nation that does not agree should be bombed into submission, then forced to accept it. It’s the democratic way. Who would not want to be us?

Michael Dunn had a defense. Self-defense. He thought he saw a firearm pointed at him from the SUV. Those were American kids in that SUV. Why would they not be armed? No weapon found in the SUV. You have to be kidding! One wonders: what the hell-kind of kids are these? They can’t be American.  Every one of them could have a gun if they wanted. It’s a constitutional right. There are over 400 million guns in America. Everyone has  a gun right up to the date of their sentencing, or their suicide, if they choose to skip sentencing altogether.

Why would Michael Dunn assume the kids were not carrying? How could he  just assume they were foreigners? They looked American. They were listening to American music. In fact, that’s what pissed him off.  That’s why he fired 10 times.  What’s a good guy with a gun to assume?  Are you telling me they were black foreigners listening to American rap music? Why no guns?  How was he supposed to know?

Perhaps Dunn should have tried the insanity defense. Then he would have had qualified expert witnesses support his bullshit.  There’s strength in more witnesses, specially expert witnesses.  They have impressive credentials and usually haven’t killed anyone prior to testifying. The NRA supports a firm policy of more expert witnesses for good guys with guns.

Michael Dunn didn’t take any chances. Most good guys with a gun know better than to make that mistake.  The NRA supports a firm policy of shoot to kill.  The NRA supports the right to purchase ammunition that expands inside the body to ensure the person shot does not live. Dunn squeezed off 10 shots into that SUV.  The kids were sitting ducks. Immobilized. Ensconced in a motionless vehicle, parked outside a convenience store. That’s more than 3 bullets for each ‘clear and present danger’ confronting Dunn.

Dunn was sure they were American kids. They had to be packing. Foreign kids would never listen to that “thug music.” If Dunn had been a better shot they’d all be dead.  And, there would be fewer prosecution witnesses. The NRA supports a firm policy of fewer prosecution witnesses able to testify against good guys with guns.  It’s the whole idea behind hollow-point ammunition.  The NRA supports a firm policy of the constitutional right to fire deadly ammunition.

The NRA has expressed concern that its gun-toting members should spend more time at the target range improving shooting accuracy. The Tea Party and the Republican base agree. They always agree. The NRA’s campaign on behalf of good guys with guns continues to seek sound policies that protect all Americans from other good guys with guns. Let’s load up they say.  Wonder if they think we should turn the music down.