An Urgent Call to Arms Against Tyranny

These are turbulent times. Presently, amidst a global pandemic, the right to life and liberty is under attack.

Large corporations and their multi-billion-dollar lobby groups have corrupted many scientists. Through their misleading scientific “evidence”, they have convinced government leaders to pass new laws that benefit only the oligarchs while ordinary citizens are forced to submit to dangerous medical procedures whose known consequences are sometimes deadly, and whose long-term consequences are unknown.

The insane corporatocracy owns the mainstream media channels and has manipulated public opinion through mass hysteria to acquiesce as the last of our civil liberties evaporate before our eyes. It is a mass psychosis, the likes of which has not been seen since Hitler and Stalin. But this time it’s worse. This time the villains are many, and they hide behind a thick veil of corporate secrecy.

We, the legal community of trial lawyers and judges, are the last line of defence for a naive yet innocent public that will generally follow the advice given by health workers, who are well-intentioned followers of government mandates.

The war on wellness can only be won or lost in a courtroom. Clinics and hospitals can only do that which is allowed by law.

We, the trial lawyers and judges in every country, in addition to protecting victims and accused persons for all types of crimes, must now also defend the world from the bogus evidence of the corporate puppeteers. We must be incorruptible. We must not allow ourselves to be fooled by faulty evidence.

There has never been a more important time for our profession. The life and liberty of the world weighs heavily on us. We are called to be the gladiators of our time. Armed with our deep-seated unshakable values, let each of us find the courage to defend the world from tyranny. In law, words are swords. This book is your shield.

Criminal Trial Strategies

The above is the preface to “2022 Criminal Trial Strategies”. This book is available for purchase through Amazon in paperback,  hardcover, and as an instantly-downloadable e-book. To view Patrick Ducharme’s author page on Amazon, click here.